Business Inteligence

Business Intelligence (BI)

A Business Intelligence (BI) system can provide information in a reliable, instantaneous and automatic way in order to support crucial decisions of companies as well as of governments. A traditional BI system is composed of several steps according to the figure below.

The ETL process (Extract, Transform and Load) extracts the data from the databases 1 and 2 and files , transforms it in order to standardize the words and avoid ambiguities, and loads it into a repository named Data Warehouse (DW). In the DW the data can be organized into a hierarchy through the application of filters. This process is known as OLAP (On-Line Analytical Processing). The Report tool is responsible for the creation of reports and can be associated to the Dashboard tool in the execution of interactive report.
The Data Mining tool is responsible for the gathering and analysis of the information, it means, to provide standardized information that can be verified in the data analysis.

The focus of our research is to develop new concepts of BI systems using distributed ontology and predictive analytics.