Ilmenau Package for Model Order Selection

  • Ilmenau Package for Model Order Selection (IPM) – JAVA controlled version
    • Motivation: since it is difficult to know which model order selection scheme is the best for a certain scenario, we propose the IPM to indicate the best model order selection scheme among several state-of-the-art model order selection schemes.
    • Click here to download IPM version 1.0.
    • After decompressing the file, you can run IPM by double clicking on the file “IPM 1.0.jar”.
    • Once the IPM window is open, you can click on connect in order to estabilish a connection between IPM and MATLAB.
    • Note that some incompatibilities depending on the MATLAB and windows versions are foreseen. Click hereto verify the compatibility table.
  • lmenau Package for Model Order Selection (IPM) – MATLAB only version
    • Click hereto download the IPM version 1.2.

If you use the IPM or part of it in your publication, please include the following article as reference.

J. P. C. L. da Costa, F. Roemer, F. A. de Castro Junior, R. F. Ramos, S. Schwarz, and L. Sabirova,“Ilmenau Package for Model Order Selection and Evaluation of Model Order Estimation Scheme of Users of MIMO Channel Sounders,” XXIX Simpósio Brasileiro de Telecomunicações (SBrT’11), Curitiba, Brazil.


REUNI Project: Analysis of the physical effect of the convolution via multipath channels wp-content/uploads

  • First install the MCR to run compiled codes from MATLAB.
  • Download the zip file of the software Convolução_REUNI.
  • Run the file Convolucao_REUNI_WSTA.exe in folder SRC.
  • If you have comments suggestions please contact us.

This project has been supported by the REUNI and the software has been devleoped by the students Herlandson and Rafael.